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A Rapidly Changing Environment Left a Sales Team Operating Without Key Data. Brillect Stepped In To Help Scope Out the Issues and Identify Needs.

A leading medical device manufacturer was experiencing explosive growth following the launch of a highly successful new treatment device. The rapidly changing environment meant the sales team was operating without key field data, and leadership needed a better line of sight to critical issues and trends to stay ahead of pain points. True to its value of finding the right solution, Brillect collaborated closely with the client to scope out the issues and identify the needs, leveraging their fresh perspective and experience to ask key questions, pinpoint gaps and flag opportunities to add value.

Brillect brought in an expert in both SAP and PowerBI to understand reporting needs, build out reporting capabilities and clean up existing data. Comfortable moving in a fast-paced, complex business environment, the consultant was able to quickly grasp their data needs and move nimbly with minimal direction to get new data reporting up and running. The project was so successful, they brought in two additional Brillect consultants. One to support ongoing data analytics and a third to liaise between finance, sales and operations and develop operational efficiencies during this period of rapid growth. Brillect’s consultants added immediate value to the organization, helping to minimize lost revenue due to damaged equipment, reduce past-due customer invoices and enhance field sales performance with customized data reporting and analytics.

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