Greg Langer

Finding A Better Work / Life Balance

A year into his role as a controller for a Twin Cities company, Greg Langer found himself busy with 60+-hour work weeks and the singular life focus required at his corporate job. Despite his accomplished career in public accounting and an enviable resume, Greg felt unfulfilled and couldn’t escape a nagging question: What does it really mean to live a meaningful life? With no free time or energy to devote to his interests outside of work – obtaining a private pilot’s license and woodworking – Greg started to question whether he was living to work or working to live.

With a renewed resolve to restore work/life balance, Greg set out to find a career that would enable him to live a more meaningful and virtuous life. He re-connected with Kelly Weight, co-founder of Brillect, whom he had met in a previous role to talk through his situation and options. Immediately, Kelly knew that Greg’s strong skill set, deep experience and desire to bring value to clients in a more flexible work environment were a perfect fit for Brillect. In short order, Kelly facilitated a new consulting assignment where Greg could put his technical accounting and problem-solving skills to work for a client with flexible hours that allowed him to manage when and where he worked.

No longer tied down by last-minute conference calls on nights and weekends, Greg is spending his time doing what he loves at work and in his personal life. He recently passed his FAA checkride and has officially obtained his pilot's license! He also built a stunning wooden canoe by hand – thanks to his new-found flexibility that afforded him the time to set the glue and apply the epoxy coatings according to a meticulous schedule. Now on his third project with a Brillect client, Greg is loving his ability to realize dreams that no longer compete with one another – lending his professional expertise to help clients solve problems and living his life to the fullest.
Finance and Accounting Consulting Opportunities

One of the things I appreciate most about working with Brillect is having a mentor who is outside your worldview to offer a different perspective on work and life. In a corporate environment, I’ve found most of the people are of a similar mindset and I find incredible value in connecting with people with different backgrounds.

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